We’re back in the city and in grand fashion!

This August 15th, our 2015 Showcase will be held at Chicago’s iconic Lincoln Hall! What greater venue than one with a history of amazing talent? Lincoln Hall is home to a variety of inspiring performances each month, featuring established recording artists as well as emerging musicians. The venue’s owners, Mike and Chris Schuba, aim to create a human-scale, intimate experience where music comes alive. The brothers have played influential roles in advancing the careers of renowned artists such as Dave Matthews, Modest Mouse, Feist and My Morning Jacket.

Delicious Food and DrinkShow attendees will be immersed in Lincoln Hall’s cozy vibe and ultimate surround sound experience. With high ceilings, balcony seating and a wide exposure, you’re sure to get an amazing stage view no matter where you sit! In addition to an exhilarating concert experience, a delicious food and drink menu is available to make the night complete.

Kollaboration Chicago is honored and privileged to host the 10th Anniversary Showcase at Lincoln Hall. It is our great hope and expectation that our finalists follow the footsteps of their Lincoln Hall predecessors to not only provide a vibrant night of music and competition, but to go on and make their own marks on entertainment history.

We hope to see you there!

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2015 Finalists

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