Empowerment through Entertainment

Kollaboration is an annual movement produced by young Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) professionals and students to promote a strong Asian American presence in entertainment, media, and performing arts. The level of talent, passion, and aspiration that exists in the Asian American community emphasizes the mission of Kollaboration: Empowerment through Entertainment.

With this community, combined with the support of fans, generous sponsors, and large network of hard working students and volunteers, Kollaboration aims to create a launch platform that positively impacts these artists and performers to not only pursue their dreams, but redefine the presence and image of Asian Americans in entertainment. The talented artists of Kollaboration represent those in the forefront of the battle to put Asian Americans in the entertainment industry.

Since 2000, Kollaboration has expanded to 14 cities across the continent, bringing together hundreds of volunteers, thousands of live audience members and millions of online viewers. Throughout the years, Kollaboration has drawn widespread recognition in each major U.S. city as the premier source for locally- based Asian American musicians, dancers, and other performance artists.

Kollaboration Chicago consists of 50+ passionate staff members, all of whom believe in the cause and are dedicated to making a difference in the Asian American community. Volunteers have an opportunity to be part of a non-profit organization that is highly dynamic, where they can grow their skills and experience professionally. Furthermore, Kollaboration extends their mission to build strong relationships with surrounding communities, organizations, schools, and local businesses. It is through this strong foundation that Kollaboration carries its mission forward of bringing a paradigm shift of perceptions, breaking down stereotypes, and paving the way for future Asian Americans to accomplish their goals and dreams. Kollaboration sheds a light to other artists who are waiting to be inspired to boldly chase after their dreams.