Administration Department

Responsible for all internal activity, including administrative paperwork, emails, legal documents, maintaining contact information in systems & database, manage financial transactions, organize meetings and team bonding activities, setting agendas and documenting minutes for all meetings. The department must also maintain overall flow of communication, project management, productivity, and ensure that all important information is provided to all staff and Kollaboration Global.

Production Department

The primary department for planning & coordinating Auditions and Show. Responsible for booking the venue, communicating with the venue and technical staff, programming & scheduling, appointing duties to staff, and overseeing all technicalities and logistics during auditions and show. Both Front House & Back House Coordinators are responsible for setting up all activity and transitional activity with Front House Operations and Back House Operations: Ticketing lines, Meet & Greet, Red Carpet Event, Press coverage, escorting VIPs, merchandise booths and signage, Freestyle competition, etc.

Talent Relations Department

The primary department responsible for scouting, managing, screening, and contracting talent and guest performers and judges. Responsible for maintaining constant communication with all finalists, guest performers, and guest judges. Coordinate photography & video shoots, helping finalists improve on their talents through necessary training, and arranging press conferences with performers. This department will meet and cater to the needs of all performers before, during, and after the show and coordinate hospitality and travel needs for guest performers.

Creative Department

This department’s primary role is to create creative 2D and 3D content consistent with mission and vision of Kollaboration, by providing eye catching designs that will boost marketing efforts. This department includes photography, videography and multimedia, graphic design, and website design. Designs will be needed for banners and ads, sponsorship packets, program books, logos, flyers & posters, ticket stubs, t-shirt design, stage prop design, video elements, etc.

Marketing Department

The marketing team’s main objective is to raise brand awareness and trigger ticket sales for the main show. The Marketing Plan is executed in 2 major phases. The first phase is focused on raising awareness for the Kollaboration brand and promoting Auditions. The second phase begins once the contestants have been finalized and ticket sales have begun for the show. This department’s primary focus is to effectively market through all media portals, working closely with the press, social media, mailchimp, and other outlets to result in a sold out show.

Community Relations Department

This department’s main objective is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with all sectors of the community by working closely with other organizations and corporations and discovering ways we can together pursue our goals. Whether it’s by promoting an event or increasing awareness to a cause, we seek to develop long term supportive partnerships to empower the youth, artists, and the Asian American community in the Chicagoland area. Members of this department are actively participating in community events, seeking to fortify and build strong relationships, recruiting liaisons from other organizations to be part of Kollaboration in order to provide exchange of information, announcements of upcoming events, and providing mutual support. This department also includes the sponsorship team, responsible for raising funds to reach sponsorship goal in order to provide the means to implement all areas of planning. This department also plans social events throughout the year to strengthen the brand.

Campus Affairs Department

This department is the primary department that holds all high school and college students seeking to gain valuable experience through the Kollaboration Campus Ambassador Internship Program. The program allows students to grow their skills in a professional field, such as marketing, public relations, project management, operations, finance, design, theatre and entertainment. This opportunity provides limitless networking opportunities as students graduate and seek professional opportunities, as well as career mentorship and guidance from senior staff. Students will work closely with their school to bridge communication between Kollaboration and their school, providing flow of information, promoting events, raise awareness, and provide feedback of how Kollaboration is received at each school/organization and suggest how to make PR campaigns more effective and tailored for each campus/school.

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