Executive Director

  • Guide direction and structure of organization.
  • Delegate responsibilities to all directors.
  • Lead sponsorship & fundraising efforts.
  • Set timeline of events and deadlines.
  • Attend Kollaboration shows in other cities.
  • Participate in Kollaboration Global Director’s conference calls 1st Tuesday of every month.
  • Maintain good relations with all sponsors, partner organizations, press, community, and schools.
  • Attend community functions and represent the Kollaboration brand at its best.
  • Network, scout, recruit, collaborate, and find ways to grow and build as a community.
  • Improve Kollaboration brand year after year.
  • Develop short term and long term strategies to ensure growth of Kollaboration Chicago.

Administrative Affairs Director

  • Work closely with Exec Board to ensure all tasks are completed and needs are met.
  • Work with Finance Director to authorize financial transactions and manage bank account.
  • Work with Legal advisor to maintain all paperwork & documents pertaining to Kollaboration.
  • Manage main Kollaboration email account.
  • Manage all contact information. Collect sign in sheets, and insert into appropriate systems/database.
  • Create and maintain project management/communication/productivity tools.
  • Review staff applications and pre-screen interview.
  • Signs all internship completion forms upon fulfillment of internship program.
  • Order Kollaboration merchandise.
  • Assign tasks/duties to departments.
  • Responsible for planning several team bonding events, staff meetings, hangouts, fundraisers, to strengthen internal network of staff & volunteers within Kollaboration.
  • Plan Team Meetings: EB Meetings, All Staff Meetings, Conference Calls, Event Meetings
    • Before: Send meeting notice & Gcal invite 10 days prior, and reminder notice day before. Make meeting agenda, assign roles to directors, setup supplies/food, icebreakers, announcements, printouts.
    • During: Take attendance & sign in sheet, assist ED in carrying out meeting’s tasks.
    • After: Send meeting recap minutes with action items, update community calendar, update website content, send necessary info to Directors, track attendance.

Finance Director

  • Manage all financial transactions that occur within the organization.
  • Responsible for planning and allocation of financial resources and keeping within budget.
  • Keep physical and electronic record of cash flows in and out.
  • Assign money collection duties to Treasurer for each event.
  • Coordinate between different teams to ensure flow of information.
    • Reimbursements
    • Expenses
    • Sponsorships
    • Ticket sales
    • Fundraisers

Production Director

  • Responsible for all internal operations related to auditions and show.
  • Oversee logistics, coordination, and production of auditions and show.
  • Work closely with Campus Affairs Director to assign group responsibilities and tasks to CAs and volunteers.
  • Communicate & maintain constant contact with venue for any needs, handle all venue issues such as deposit and payment.
  • Work together with venue manager, sound manager, and light manager.
  • Oversee all technicalities of show during performance.
  • In direct or radio contact with sound, lighting, curtain, and stage crew.
  • Secure insurance for show, when required.
  • Head stage crew.
  • Create Call Sheet & Day of Show schedule & Schedule of Show & MC Script.
  • Approve final show program with Exec Board.
  • Work with Exec Board to set up Ticketing.
  • Set up Walkie Talkie/Day of Show communication technology.
  • Delegate responsibilities to Front House & Back House and specific roles played during Audition & Show.
  • Work with Partner Relations Director to ensure all needs of sponsors are met during show.

Talent Relations Director

  • Work with Talent Relations Manager & Guest Relations Manager in scouting talent & searching for performers.
  • Manage all talent relations and guest performer/judge relations.
  • Collect all legal contracts for all performers.
  • Coordinate photography & video shoots with all performers.
  • Meet/cater to the needs of all performers before, during, and after show.
  • Work with Exec Board for Show Program.

 Creative Director

  • Coordinate with all Managers in Creative Dept to ensure that all design, photo, video, and website projects are completed within appropriate deadlines.
  • Send all Creative Design content to Exec Board & Marketing Dept.

Marketing Director

  • Main objective is to raise awareness and trigger ticket sales, resulting in sold out show.
  • Formulate strategic marketing strategy and direct 2 Phases: Phase 1 – Auditions, Phase 2 – Main Show.

Community Relations Director

  • Fortify and build strong relationships with all sectors of the community through various community organizations.
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships by working closely with them and discovering ways we can together pursue our goals.
  • Promote events or increase awareness to a cause, and seek to develop long term supportive partnerships to empower youth, artists, Asian American community in the Chicagoland area.
  • Work with Sponsorship team to raise funds to reach sponsorship goal.

Campus Affairs Director

  • Recruit & fill CA positions for the Kollaboration Campus Ambassador Internship Program.
  • Manage all CA activity and ensure that all CAs fulfill their internship requirements.
  • Act as a liaison between Exec Board and CA Managers.
  • Ensure that CA Managers are actively managing and properly reporting CA progress.