A unique event to support music education

What’s a fun way to bring people together while raising money for charity? …Organize a date auction, of course!

That’s exactly what Kollaboration Chicago did on Saturday, March 21st in conjunction with Social Quarters’ fundraising mixer at Vora.

Kollaboration Chicago, not typically known for their matchmaking acumen, ventured into unchartered territory. As a result, anticipation was at an all time high and questions abound: Who was getting auctioned off? What do the winning bidders receive? Will I feel weird?

Curious singles traveled far and wide to find the answers…and perhaps that special someone.

The attendees couldn’t avoid being enamored with the eligible auctionees standing before them — two strapping men in their nicely pressed suit jackets (one complete with a fresh buzz cut), along with three lovely women that caused heads to turn, and often times, bump into walls. Each of them possessing impressive resumes, high character, but most importantly — the generosity to donate their time to support a great cause.

“This was such a fun experience and definitely a confidence booster for everyone involved! I’m glad we were all able to raise money for such a worthy cause.”

— Faith Han, Auction Organizer and Kollaboration Chicago Community Relations Director

As expected, bidding started off slowly as the competitors subtly sized each other up from all angles of the room, waiting to see who’d make the first move. To no surprise, peoples’ confidence quickly grew while the energy level increased with every bid! Some individuals were not to be denied that special dinner date compliments of generous restaurants across the Chicagoland area.

After the dust had finally settled, introductions were made and gift certificates awarded, over $1,600 was raised to benefit M.U.S.I.C. Inc., Chicago, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of youths through music education. More specifically, the donation will help fund music programs and instruments for families that can not afford these expenses otherwise. Not a bad night’s work in the name of community support!

“All the auctionees were so wonderful to work with and were all passionate about helping out, it was so inspiring to see. It really isn’t easy to stand in front of a crowd and basically ask to be asked on a date,” said Faith Han, auction organizer and Kollaboration Chicago Community Relations Director. “The whole planning process wasn’t easy either….the auctionees are the real MVPs!”

Kollaboration Chicago Associate Director, Eunice Jang stated, “This was my first time participating in a date auction.  It was definitely a little nerve wracking, but Faith did a great job of boosting all the auctionees’ self esteem and keeping the mood light and fun. It was so great to see a group of people come together to support two wonderful causes and have a good time too!” Eunice continued, “I invited my co-workers to the date auction and they all ended up pitching in to be my safety bid – just in case my dignity needed saving. Thankfully, my dignity remains in tact, and we decided to donate the unused safety bid to M.U.S.I.C.!”

Faith summed up the evening by adding, “This was such a fun experience and definitely a confidence booster for everyone involved! I’m glad we were all able to raise money for such a worthy cause”.

And ultimately this cause is what it’s really all about — facilitating and inspiring positive growth in underprivileged children through the art of music. For these reasons, we extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who participated!

Kollaboration Chicago would like to give an extra shout out to the following generous supporters:

(To learn more about our partners or to show your support, click on a link below.)

M.U.S.I.C. Inc., Chicago
Social Quarters

BDG Sports Gastropub
Hair 2 Heart
Thalia Spice

Music: DJ Krazy
Videographer: Dustin Litorja
Photographer: Oliver Lam