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Meet the Special Guest Lineup for the Kollaboration Chicago 2014 Showcase

We all know that the showcase would not be possible without the staff and the support of our sponsors and fans. Along with six amazing finalists this year, we also have a great lineup of performers, judges, MCs and DJs who’ve helped pave the way for Asians in the entertainment industry. They are inspiring individuals who not only believe in Kollaboration’s mission, they live it every day.  So let’s meet the special guest lineup for the Kollaboration Chicago 2014 Showcase!

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Chicago 2014 Auditions – The Path to Kollaboration Star Starts on May 17th!

It’s hard to believe that May is already here, but it’s that time of year again… time for Asian-Americans from all over Chicagoland to showcase their talents!

Whether you sing, dance, beatbox, rap, perform spoken word, or play an instrument, we want to see you at the 2014 showcase auditions on May 17!

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Top Asian-American Athletes of the 2000s

As Asian athletes have gotten more attention in American media, it seems that people are finally taking Asians seriously in the world of sports entertainment. As summertime rolls around and we all get the chance to enjoy some outdoor sports again, it seems like the perfect time to take a look at a few of the top Asian-American athletes of the 2000s.

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Food Trucks, K-Pop, and the Kollaboration STAR Experience

Just over a week ago, eight members of the Kollaboration Chicago staff traveled to California to see Kollaboration STAR on November 16. The weekend was centered around a single show that brought together Kollaboration members from 13 cities across the continent. Although only six of the cities were able to send their winners to perform at Kollaboration STAR, there was an overwhelming turnout from all of the different Kollaboration regions. Regardless of whether each city’s own winner was able to perform, we were all gathered together to cheer on and support the finalists. […]

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Alvin Lau Wins Kollaboration Chicago 2013 Showcase

It’s hard to believe that the Kollaboration 2013 showcase was just over a week ago. On Saturday, September 29, as a passionate group of Kollaboration staff worked diligently to make this the best Kollaboration Chicago show yet, our 12 finalists were onstage, blowing the judges away with their performances.

Before the audience stepped out of the auditorium for intermission, it was already clear: the talent on that stage was real.

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A Recap of the 2013 Launch Party

It was the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and NV Penthouse was filled with Kollaboration staff members who were dressed to impress and ready to spread the word about the upcoming Kollaboration showcase. With general admission to the launch party already sold out, we knew we were in for a good night. Excitement was in the air, and before long, we had a packed venue. We all met some new faces, caught up with old friends, and hopefully gained some new supporters for Kollaboration.

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Five Famous Firsts

It’s no secret that Asians have not always been huge in the media. I remember being surprised when I first saw an Asian on a TV commercial years ago, and that’s when it dawned on me that I rarely ever saw Asians on television, much less on a national advertisement! Today, it seems that the media has exploded with Asian Americans starring not only in commercials, but also TV series, competitions, movies and more. […]

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