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Meet the Special Guest Lineup for the Kollaboration Chicago 2014 Showcase

We all know that the showcase would not be possible without the staff and the support of our sponsors and fans. Along with six amazing finalists this year, we also have a great lineup of performers, judges, MCs and DJs who’ve helped pave the way for Asians in the entertainment industry. They are inspiring individuals who not only believe in Kollaboration’s mission, they live it every day.  So let’s meet the special guest lineup for the Kollaboration Chicago 2014 Showcase!

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Top Asian-American Athletes of the 2000s

As Asian athletes have gotten more attention in American media, it seems that people are finally taking Asians seriously in the world of sports entertainment. As summertime rolls around and we all get the chance to enjoy some outdoor sports again, it seems like the perfect time to take a look at a few of the top Asian-American athletes of the 2000s.

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Special Guest Lineup for Showcase 2013

We all know the Kollaboration showcase would not be possible without the support of our sponsors, fans, and of course, our performers, judges, and emcee. This year, we’re lucky to not only have 12 amazing finalists, we also have three special guest performers as well as five judges. […]

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Stand Out as an Asian in the Entertainment Industry

As we near the 2013 showcase, we have a chance to reflect on how all of our finalists distinguish themselves as Asian Americans in the performing arts industry. So, what’s the secret of standing out? We asked 10 Asian Americans in the entertainment industry what their answer was. See what they said. […]

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Five Famous Firsts

It’s no secret that Asians have not always been huge in the media. I remember being surprised when I first saw an Asian on a TV commercial years ago, and that’s when it dawned on me that I rarely ever saw Asians on television, much less on a national advertisement! Today, it seems that the media has exploded with Asian Americans starring not only in commercials, but also TV series, competitions, movies and more. […]

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