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Relive Kollaboration Chicago Showcase 2016

Breaking into the entertainment industry is not easy. Many factors play into “making it big” like knowing the right people, being better than the next guy and having the strength to keep swimming against the tide. For Asian Americans, it can be even harder with the abundance of media-driven stereotypes and lack of resources.

Kollaboration is an Asian and Pacific Islander (API) non-profit organization that hosts talent competitions and brings visibility to performers in mainstream entertainment and media. Kollaboration Chicago hosted Showcase 2016 on July 9th at the intimate Lincoln Hall. […]

Showcase 2015 – Special Guests

We all know that the showcase would not be possible without the staff and the support of our sponsors and fans. Along with six amazing finalists this year, we also have a great lineup of guest performers and judges who’ve helped pave the way for Asian Americans in the entertainment industry. They are inspiring individuals who not only believe in Kollaboration’s mission, they live it every day.  So let’s meet the special guest lineup for the 10th Annual Kollaboration Chicago Showcase!

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Alvin Lau Wins Kollaboration Chicago 2013 Showcase

It’s hard to believe that the Kollaboration 2013 showcase was just over a week ago. On Saturday, September 29, as a passionate group of Kollaboration staff worked diligently to make this the best Kollaboration Chicago show yet, our 12 finalists were onstage, blowing the judges away with their performances.

Before the audience stepped out of the auditorium for intermission, it was already clear: the talent on that stage was real.

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Special Guest Lineup for Showcase 2013

We all know the Kollaboration showcase would not be possible without the support of our sponsors, fans, and of course, our performers, judges, and emcee. This year, we’re lucky to not only have 12 amazing finalists, we also have three special guest performers as well as five judges. […]

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