Project Description

Alan Tiongson and Ashlee Barrera

When did you start?

Alan: First started playing the guitar freshman year of college at Loyola.

Ashlee: Ever since I was around 5 years old; my sister used to always walk around the house singing and I began to see how much fun it was. It stuck ever since!

What do you hope to achieve through the Kollaboration experience?

We would definitely like to share our music with the broader audience that these Kollaboration shows reach.  Also, playing alongside other artists makes for great networking and opportunities – so looking forward to meeting the other finalists and catching up with friends who are also finalists. We want to make connections and build a fan base.

On a day off, you can find me…

Alan: …Incessantly tweeting Kina Grannis.

Ashlee: …Writing songs, working on my craft, pretending to run, or usually cuddled in a blanket watching movies.

People would be surprised to learn that… 

Alan: …Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys asked my cousin to prom and she said no.

Ashlee: …I used to be a HUGE Metallica fan.

Our biggest inspirations are…

Alan: …My college roommate who said, “You’ll never be John Mayer” while I was first learning how to play guitar. Lol. Thanks bro.

Ashlee: …Anyone who dreams big and has the guts to take a leap of faith.

If we could perform with anybody in the world, they would be…

Alan: …Obviously, Kina Grannis.

Ashlee: …Jon McLaughlin, a singer/songwriter from Indiana


Logansport, Indiana and Chicago/Carol Stream




Ashlee will be singing and Alan will accompany on the guitar.

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