Project Description

Allen Tusic Tu

When did you start?

I started 5 years ago, during my Sophomore year in high school, only making love songs hoping to get a girlfriend.

What do you hope to achieve through the Kollaboration experience?

I hope to get my music out there and also to show that all rap isn’t crap. I want to show prospective rappers that they don’t have to make their music about the generic, meaningless things you hear on the radio today; that their music can actually mean something and cause change.

On a day off, you can find me…

Playing basketball at Legion Park, chilling on the couches at the Korean American Resource and Cultural Center, or sessioning in my backyard with my crew.

People would be surprised to learn that… 

I want to be a youth and community organizer when I’m older. My aspirations to become a lawyer is really just a front; being an organizer, and a rapper on the side, is really all I want.

Our biggest inspirations are…

John Vietnam. His art form was “a combination of expression, therapy and resistance rooted in hip-hop culture, molded and formed by his early experiences in the diverse ethnic and economic disciplines within his environment.” JVN 1993 – Infinity.

If I could perform with anybody in the world, it would be…

This question is difficult to answer because I want to perform with everybody. But if I had to single out one name, I’d want to perform with Gowe.







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