Project Description

Francis Perfecto

When did you start?

I started singing at the age of 3. More like humming and dancing really. But my passion for performing really emerged at the age of 15 in high school.

What do you hope to achieve through the Kollaboration experience?

Exposure. I’ve really come to realize lately that I need to get back to just enjoying what I like to do. Win or lose, the plan is to enjoy myself with this great opportunity.

On a day off, you can find me…

At the driving range practicing my ugly golf swing, golfing, playing basketball or singing at home.

People would be surprised to learn that…

My last name is really Perfecto. No joke, it says it on my birth certificate.

My biggest inspirations are…

My mom. My mother used to sing for a radio station back in the 1950’s in the Philippines. She married, had kids and couldn’t continue singing on a consistent basis. That’s where she ends but also this where I start. I’d like to continue our dream. This keeps me close to her spiritually and mentally.

If I could perform with anybody in the world, it would be…

With Brian Mcknight. The best songwriter and vocalist that never won a grammy.


Chicago, IL. but born in the Philippines and migrated to the US in 1989.


Bebot bebot beh bebot bebot… Filipino!!


I’ll be singing.

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