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Q & A with Noise Chasers

When did you start?

Each member of Noise Chasers has been playing music most of our lives, but the band started in March 2015. We had been looking for a chance to play together and Kollaboration provided a great catalyst to get the ball rolling.

What do you hope to achieve through the Kollaboration experience?

“Making it” in the music industry these days can be such a challenging journey. Over the years we found that the most important piece in that journery was to hold on to our love for music and our passion to perform as a way of conveying that love to the audience. We hope that through Kollaboration we’ll add to the musical landscape. And of course it’s always fun to perform!

On a day off, you can find me…

Jay:  What is this “day off” you speak of?
Bruce:  Enjoying a cold brew with friends
John & Bareun:  Composing musical scores for film, videos, games, commercials, etc.

We all love watching NBA basketball, especially the Bulls (except in Jay’s case who is a Pacers fan… boo).

People would be surprised to learn that…

Jay:  I once worked as a rocket scientist for NASA in a previous career. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t very good at it.
Bareun:  My name is pronounced like the color maroon but with a B.
Bruce:  My hair stands by itself.
John:  I am a great singer.

My biggest inspirations are…

Jay:  Jimmy Eat World, Hillsong United
Bareun:  Omar Rodriguez, John Fruiciante, Thomas Bergersen
Bruce:  James Jamerson, Tim Commerford (RATM), Juan Aldarete
John:  Thomas Pridgen, Adam Deitch, 2 Steps from Hell

If I could perform with anybody in the world, it would be…

Jay:  Jimmy Eat World or Hillsong United
Bareun:  Snarky Puppy
Bruce:  Queens of the Stone Age
John:  Lettuce or Justin Beiber

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Noise Chasers' Video Promo
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Jay:  West Lafayette, IN
Bruce, Bareun, John:  Chicago, IL


Jay, John, Bareun:  Korean American
Bruce:  Filipino American


Jay:  Vocals, Violin, Guitar
John:  Drums
Bruce:  Bass
Bareun:  Guitars

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