Just over a week ago, eight members of the Kollaboration Chicago staff traveled to California to see Kollaboration STAR on November 16. The weekend was centered around a single show that brought together Kollaboration members from 13 cities across the continent. Although only six of the cities were able to send their winners to perform at Kollaboration STAR, there was an overwhelming turnout from all of the different Kollaboration regions. Regardless of whether each city’s own winner was able to perform, we were all gathered together to cheer on and support the finalists.

As we all converged for the weekend, the 13 cities united as one Kollaboration community, and the sheer number of people who had traveled from across the country reminded us of how strong the Kollaboration movement really is.

As Tina Suh, Kollaboration Chicago Marketing Director, explained, “Seeing all the global cities gathered in one place really strengthened the mission of Kollaboration for me.”

Throughout the weekend, the different Kollaboration members either met for the first time or were reunited with old faces. Most groups arrived earlier in the week to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with Kollaboration members from other cities.

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On Saturday, the anticipation of the show drew an excited crowd to the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. With plenty of vendors, food trucks, and a VIP section, there was no shortage of group activities to participate in before the show. “The setup outside allowed our group to not only hang out and eat together before the show, but we also got an awesome group photo to commemorate the trip,” said Bernice Wang, Kollaboration Chicago staff member.

The talent of the performers throughout the entirety of the show was undeniable. The enthusiasm of the performers, host, and guest judges and speakers, coupled with the energy from the audience, made Kollaboration STAR an unforgettable experience.

“It was so cool to be able to watch Drunken Tiger perform. They’re huge in the Asian-American community, and it’s been a dream of mine to see them live on stage!” -Danny Kim, Kollaboration Chicago staff member

“I was so impressed with the talent at Kollaboration STAR. Seeing those performances reconfirmed why Kollaboration exists and what it stands for as an organization.” -Scott Cheng, Kollaboration STAR audience member

Without a doubt, Kollaboration STAR not only served to highlight the amazing talent of the performers but also helped strengthen the Asian-American community that makes up the Kollaboration organization.

Congratulations to the winning group from Kollaboration STAR, &Blue! This group of talented singers/musicians was awarded $20,000 for their winning act and cemented their name in Kollaboration STAR history. Audience votes also gave Dave Yoon from DC an award of $1,000 for his vocal performance of an original song.

Thanks to all of the effort put forth by those who planned the dinner for the entire Kollaboration group, the Kollaboration STAR show, and the after-party. The weekend not only provided some unforgettable memories but also strengthened the Kollaboration mission to empower through entertainment.