Ayrie Gomez
Public Relations Manager

 “Preparations are well underway for Chicago’s 10th annual showcase empowering the local Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community”

CHICAGO – January 5 — The Kollaboration Chicago Executive Board is excited to announce Peter Jang as the new Executive Director and he brings big changes to this year’s talent showcase.

Peter has played an active role in Kollaboration Chicago as a director for three years.  The Kollaboration movement, which began in Los Angeles in 2000, arrived in Chicago in 2004.

“Ever since I joined in 2012, I immediately believed in the movement and the idea to empower the local AAPI community through talent development and organization involvement. It is never easy for AAPI talent to overcome stereotypes in the performing arts industry and I want to make sure that talented individuals have that opportunity to shine. Marian Lee has done a phenomenal job of putting Kollaboration back on the map in Chicago and I hope to keep the momentum going this year.”

Peter’s 2015 vision for Kollaboration Chicago is focused on helping the organization grow. His plan to target new audiences and build sustainable relationships with other organizations will enable Kollaboration to give even more back to the Chicago community.

“One real area of opportunity for Kollaboration is community relations and involvement. A primary goal for this year is to reestablish relationships with all the AAPI organizations in the Chicagoland area to help promote our cause and theirs. I believe that there can be a sense of unity by all organizations while promoting the local Asian American talent. I also want to give back to the community by supporting an organization/program financially. We want to be more than our showcase by raising awareness and support for others as well. Finally, with this being the 10th showcase in Chicago, I want it to be a memorable one.”

Peter hopes to increase community participation by moving the venue to the heart of the city and provide an accessible way for Chicago’s young professionals to connect and enjoy local talent.   In addition, he is working to establish a stronger commitment to supporting local organizations such as Social Quarters, AACN, ASCENE, and TAP-Chicago, who have all undoubtedly played a vital role in supporting a successful Kollaboration Chicago showcase year after year.  ###


Kollaboration is a 501(c)(3) organization that launched in Los Angeles in 2000 to promote Asian American and Pacific Islanders. By providing a platform for young artists to showcase their talents, Kollaboration has now grown to 14 city chapters across North America. While utilizing a grassroots approach, Kollaboration creates unique change by holding events, developing leaders and artists, building partnerships and creating quality media content.

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