On the evening of July 7, 2012, Jun Sung Ahn was crowned Kollaboration Chicago 2012 winner and took home the $1,000 grand prize! His seamless integration of the violin and Chinese yo-yo wowed the judges and marked one of the most memorable events in Jun Sung’s life. In that moment, Jun Sung realized that he loves performing for an audience and he will never stop chasing after his dreams.

Jun Sung Ahn

 “The feeling that I got stepping up onto that stage was so thrilling and new, I will never forget that moment.”

Jun Sung reflects back on how the day unfolded and the new opportunities that have come this past year. He shares about what it means to live out the mission to empower through entertainment as an Asian American.

He remembers jamming backstage with the other artists before the show. They combined their talents to produce an impromptu cover of “Officially Missing You” and even had a beatbox and violin duet! Check out the video below…



From the beginning, Jun Sung was blown away by the local talent. Even at auditions, he remembers being baffled by how many talented people there are in the world. Being part of the talented group of seven finalists, his favorite aspect of the Kollaboration journey was being introduced to other talented artists.

“Meeting with other musicians, dancers and artists really gave me a lot of energy and a hope for a brighter future in the entertainment industry.”

After winning Kollaboration Chicago, Jun Sung went on to compete at the Kollaboration Star Finale in Los Angeles in the fall of 2012. This opened doors to many more friendships and allowed him to meet more gifted performers. Representing Chicago at a nationwide competition was challenging and he felt a lot of pressure on his way to LA and even until the day of the performance. Jun Sung shares that getting over this pressure and fear was thanks to the encouragement from the other artists. Everyone who was there to compete was supporting each other and wanted to showcase their talents to a much larger audience.”

Jun Sung Ahn

“At the end of the night, I had performed exactly how I wanted to even finishing off the performance with my rendition of Gangnam Style on the violin! It was one of the most memorable performances of my life and I was very honored to have performed amongst other great talent.”

Currently, Jun Sung is working on several collaborations with other YouTube artists such as Jason Yang, Shin-B, David Choi and more. He hopes to release some originals in the near future. Jun Sung will also return to the Kollaboration big stage as a guest performer at the 2013 Kollaboration Chicago Showcase on September 28, 2013.

As Jun Sung joins the ranks of succeeding entertainers, he recognizes that the industry is much harder for Asian Americans. He calls fellows artists to stand up and overcome this obstacle by showing the world what they can do and not hiding their talents away. He imparts these words of wisdom on other aspiring artists.

“If you love doing something, whether it be music, dance, poetry, there is always going to be an audience for you. And if you have the passion to share what you love to do, then it’s never too late and people will recognize your talent.”

See Jun Sung Ahn and our 2013 finalists live on September 28, 2013 at the North Shore Center for Performing Arts!  Click here to purchase tickets.

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