As we near the 2013 showcase, we have a chance to reflect on how all of our finalists distinguish themselves as Asian Americans in the performing arts industry. So, what’s the secret of standing out? We asked 10 Asian Americans in the entertainment industry what their answer was. See what they said.

Mike b. – Rapper

Mike B - Rapper


Two words.

So that any way around it when they try to nit pick you on something because you’re Asian, you leave them no room or weaknesses, and they judge you only for your actual talent, skill, and work ethic.

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Arden Cho – Singer/Songwriter/Actress

Arden Choe - Singer, Songwriter, Actress

The best way to stand out is by being better when it comes down to your craft. Hone your skills, study, practice, and train more. Don’t worry about your ethnicity.

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David Choi – Singer/Songwriter

David Choi - Singer, Songwriter

Do you in a new way.

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Alex Hwang – Singer/Songwriter

Alex Huang - Singer, Songwriter

I think it starts first with how does being Asian influence and shape your own identity and then finding a creative, intentional, and inspiring way to express that without having to say anything / act in the lines of “Hey, I’m Asian – look at me!”

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Michael Kang – Director/Filmmaker

Michael Kang - Director, Filmmaker

Be really good.

I think as an Asian in the entertainment industry you automatically “stand out,” but I think the way to get respected is to be really good at what you do.

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Lanny Joons Kim – Actor

Lanny Joons Kim - Actor

Stand out as an Asian American by not trying to stand out as an Asian American. Stand out because of your abilities, not because of your appearance. Fight for and defend the things that are important to you as a person, not a person of color. And don’t be so damn bashful when it comes to standing up for what is right. Ruffle them feathers! Cause some trouble! It’s more fun that way.

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Weiko Lin – Producer/Writer

Weiko Lin - Producer, Writer

Create art and entertainment because you need to, not because you want to. The pure passion of that need will naturally standout.

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Ken Oak – Singer/Songwriter

Ken Oak - Singer/Songwriter

The best way to standout as an Asian in the entertainment world is the same as it is for someone of any race to stand out: be good at what you do. If you love your craft enough to put in the hours and pay your dues, someone will eventually notice. Just be patient and focus on your craft.

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Joy Osmanski – Actress

Joy Osmanski - Actress

In my experience, the best way to stand out as an Asian in the entertainment world is to do your best work possible as an artist, period. My focus has always been to rise to the challenge of evolving as an actor in a field that doesn’t always want you to change.

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Jennifer Song – Singer/Songwriter

Jennifer Song - Singer/Songwriter

Everyone is unique in his/her own way. The best way to “stand out” in my opinion is to be the most yourself that you can be. If we really want to stand out as an Asian in the entertainment world, you have to be someone who stands out in ANY world. It’s the best when people can identify you with your natural state. It might surprise you on how “different” you are just by embracing your instinctual creativity. I find that a lot of times we are the ones that stop ourselves.

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