Hello Everyone! Daphne here~ Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful summer weather.

Last month we had another successful audition for our annual showcase event.  With lots of hopefuls eager to perform on stage, we had the difficult decision in choosing our six finalists (you can hear more about them later on). What was all common with these talented individuals was that they had to go through our deadly audition process with our executive board members. *dun dun dun duuuunn*

Friends, have you ever auditioned for a play or musical in high school, talent show, or a casting call? I remember back in my high school years, I would audition for high school musical but sadly never called back. That did not faze me though. One of the best memories was meeting all the talented people there. It really made me forget about the terrifying experience of performing in front of complete strangers for 3 minutes. Our KollabChi team has made a list for all you performers to ace your next audition, or push those who are shy to try it out for the first time! Do you think you what it takes to blow away judges at an audition? Read and find out!


Prepare music and have back-up. Know your material well. Don’t be one of those performers who holds onto their cellphone for lyrics.


Be engaging, make the first impression your best impression. Have eye contact and conversation with the judges to ease nerves.


Be confident. Show off that personality. Be friendly.


Arrive on time (And that is not Asian time or what have you, show up 10 minutes before call time:D)


Dress to impress. For future Kollab auditioners, you will most likely be having a post-interview and photoshoot. The audition doesn’t always end in the audition room.


Don’t audition on an empty stomach. Your body needs that energy, do not let it down!


Don’t chew gum. Its unprofessional and be sure to dispose before you enter the audition room.


Go to the restroom before it’s your turn.

Have fun. Along with practicing with your material, enjoy the experience! Make some new friends and learn some new skills, an amazing result will surely come out. Check out a great collaboration with our 2012 finalists below:

Mark your calendars for a great show. Pre-sale tickets are on sale now!  Here are our 6 finalists for our show: http://kollaborationchicago.org/events/2014-finalists/. Cannot wait to see you all there, and be sure to tell all your friends and family to join the movement and attend this great show.